Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Langstrath Valley

The Langstrath Valley, Oil on panel, 18.5" x 26.5"

Here's my latest Latest Cumbrian painting from the truly glorious Langstrath Valley of The Lake DistirctI loved the different textures in this composition - the calm water just before the rapids, the jagged, angular, rocky outcrops with the tree in its winter garb and the distant blue mountains shrouded under the clouds. Lots of different brushes used for this one - hogs, mongoose, riggers and my trusty household paint brush.

Don't forget you can see a full size version by clicking on the image, and zoom in by clicking again.

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  1. Hi there Peter,

    Your work is fantastic. I follow your progress with great interest. I am an oil painter myself and my mentor says I have improved tremdously Have you ever tried crayons? I know you do pastels/ My mentor says pastels are too messy for me yet and I would just make a tremendous mess. keep up the good work.

    William Brown Esq Age 12

  2. Hi Peter
    Great to see quality work.
    Spot on blog too.
    Hope you are keeping well.
    All the Best


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