Saturday, 3 December 2011

November Frost

Oil on Board, 10x14 inches

I do enjoy painting frost.  So few artists seem to paint frost and I don't know why; it's such fun to paint compared to the rich greens of summer, when all the dying vegetation is dusted with icing sugar.  On a cursary glance, it produces a monochrome landscape, but when you really look, there are lots of subtle blues, purples and greys, with touches of warm oranges and browns. 

Just keep it under your hat everyone - if all the others realise frost is great to paint, that's the end of my career, so mum's the word...............


  1. I love this Peter and you are right, you dont see many frosty pictures. I could look at this all day. I would love to see it for real....and your other work too.

  2. Get a grip girl, if you look at it all day, you'll never get anything done, but thanks very much anyway! You'll have to come down to my show next May in Beer, not so far from you.


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