Thursday, 29 October 2009

ROI Award

I'm very proud to say that a painting accepted for the Royal Institute of Oil Painters at The Mall Galleries, "October Morning Dew", has been awarded the Ranelagh Press Award "for an exceptional small oil". The painting can be viewed on my 'Paintings' or 'Shop' pages, and then click on 'The Mall Galleries'

Monday, 5 October 2009

All 46 new paintings are now on Marine House's website, 5/10/09 and are for sale as from today !
Click on their logo on the Galleries Page of my website and go to Solo Shows and my name.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Devon Exhibition

My work for my Devon Exhibition at the Marine House Gallery at Beer in Devon, starting on Saturday 31st October, is now complete and all 46 new images have been posted on my website - go to 'paintings' tab, then click on 'Galleries' and then on the Marine House 'view paintings' button. I have also attached a commentary on each painting, the first new one being the Noble Heavy Horse. The images will also be posted on the Marine House website,, as from 7th October, when they will be for sale.

Anyone who is not on their mailing list and would like an invitation, please either email me via my contact page, or contact Marine House direct - their details on the Galleries page.

Hope to meet some of you, my adoring fans on the opening day, when I shall gladly sign autographs for no fee whatsoever, and even talk to you !!! Fame and fortune hasn't changed me at all....I'm still the same approachable legend I've always been......ahem.....