Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Autumn Cathedral

Oil on Linen Canvas, 20 x 30 inches  SOLD

I thought I'd better paint at least one Autumnal picture for my upcoming one-man-show, and this one is quintessentially that.  It's a view I've painted many times before, in all seasons and weathers, but in Autumn it really looks its best looking into the sun, when the foliage of the Oaks take on a cornucopia of jewelled greens, yellows, oranges, rusts and purples.  I really let myself go with a lot of colour and marks using a variety of brushes and palette knife. There is a lot of paint on this one, so you get value for your bucks!

I entitled the painting Autumn Cathedral because of the archway formed by the branches reaching each other across the road, and the patterns of the twinkling leaves appeared almost like looking through a stained glass window, but far more beautiful.


  1. Absolutely (wait for it) treemendous!


    1. Ouch! Thanks Andrew. Handbrake turn coming up next.....


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