Thursday, 16 October 2014

Feeding Swans by the Bridge

Oil on Linen Canvas, 22 x 30 inches

Having got my last big painting, 'Sharp Frost by The Settings' through the ROI (Royal Institute of Oil Painters) digital selection process, along with one other, I thought I'd better do another big frosty painting for my own solo exhibition at John Noott Gallery in December, just in here it is, finished today.

This was a bit of a labour of love...yes, I know, Swans again, but set on a frosty backdrop, it was irrisistible! The entire painting was painted using just five colours plus White - Cadmium Yellow Light, Permanent Rose, Cobalt Blue, Raw Umber and a touch of Viridian here and there. There was that glorious 'steam' of water vapour hovering over the surface near the bridge, lit up a golden colour from the early morning sun from the right of the picture. I thought of leaving out the concrete bridge, which I have done previously when I've painted from this spot, but I loved the warm reddish reflected light bouncing up from the water, lighting up the underside of the bridge, so I left it in. Also, with the river, everything is taking the eye out of the painting to the right, so, combined with the slanting vegetation in the right foreground, putting the figure walking towards the left of the picture, helps push the flying eye back in again. 


  1. Excellent observational skills, the feel of the frost is perfectly captured. Good luck in the ROI competition. I entered the ROI competition for the first time this year and found out this week that I have had two paintings pass the pre-selection phase.

    1. Thanks Paul! Good luck with your ROI entries - your work is very distinctive, so must stand a chance in the final judging. I got 6 through the digi-stage last year, but none in the final judging, so don't be disheartened if you don't!

    2. I entered two of my hyperrealism paintings rather than my landscapes. I paint the landscapes for a publisher and I do that under a fairly broad contract. Parts of the contract would make it a problem to enter that style of work in competitions.


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