Monday, 10 November 2014

ROI success...JUST!

Fresh Snowfall by the Welland, Oil on Board, 10"x14"

Well, third year lucky, I got ONE painting accepted for the ROI Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, after having none accepted in the last two years. The ROI panel are a tough nut to crack, and it's a real honour to be included with the cream of British Oil painters.

I submitted four to the final stages, but these three below didn't make it:

They will, however, be included in my own solo exhibition at the John Noott Gallery next month, from 6th to 24th December, together with 44 other new paintings.  Anyone wanting an invitation, please email me your details HERE


  1. Congratulations, altho, I have no idea how this works, ... here in The Netherlands we haven't got that kind of stuff.

    1. Thanks René! You mean you don't have an equivalent of the ROI?

    2. Yes I think i mean that, ... ROI stands for?

      After WWII the whole artscene here in The Netherlands turn abstract and contemporary. it's just for the last couple of years they are getting more interrested in propper painting again, ... So having something like you described here isn't here or at least I'm not aware of it. Is it for anyone to submit a painting?

  2. Congratulations Peter and well deserved.

  3. Thanks very much Trevor - much appreciated!

  4. Well done, all the paintings are lovely!
    Fay & Mark

  5. Congratulations Peter. I had one of my two entries accepted so I'm really pleased. Looking forward to attending the private viewing.


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