Thursday, 4 December 2014

Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition

Fresh Snowfall by the Welland 
Oil on Board, 10x14 inches

Next week, the ROI Annual Exhibition at The Mall Galleries opens on Tuesday 9th with the Private View, and then opens officially to the public on 10th December until 21st December. It's a superb exhibition and represents the cream of painters who use the oil medium. A selection of works can be seen by clicking here.

I have one painting in the show, photo above. Anyone who would like to attend the Private View next Tuesday 9th December, please email me by clicking Email and I will send you an E-invite for you to print off and get in the show FREE.


  1. I saw your painting at the preview yesterday Peter, it was good to see one in the flesh. It was about 2 or 3 paintings away from my one. Did you make it to the preview? I left for London on the coach at 7.30am and got home at around 9.30pm so it was a long day all in all. There was the main gallery which seemed to be for ROI members work and then 3 smaller galleries leading off in a line from the main one. Our paintings were hanging in the 3rd and furthest one away which I guess is for us first timers. :-) Still, there were plenty of people going through to look at the work.

    1. Hi Paul - I missed you! I didn't realise that huge painting was yours, so didn't twig - that is an extraordinary feat, painting all those triangles and forms - unique in the exhibition, for sure! Yes, they always reserve the best spots in the main gallery for members and stick us mere mortals in the north gallery. I hardly saw mine, nor did many people, at knee level with a shadow over half the painting - less than ideal! And I noticed the frame was damaged too - aargh!
      I bought some Da Vinci Alkyds and they seem good, but not so sure about the MH White No3 - still dries too slowly for me on the small panels, but shall employ it on the bigger paintings, just to keep the paint workable.

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