Monday, 26 January 2015


 Oil on Board, 103/4 x 143/4 inches

Iona House Gallery in Woodstock have run out of my wintry paintings, so have asked if I can do one or two more, so here's the first.

I actually really ejoyed this one and felt 'in the zone' whilst painting it, probably because it has just about everything this landscape artist loves - snow for a start, trees in their winter garb, slow-moving water and gorgeous shadows and singing light passages.

I meant to take a few more photos of stages of the painting, but forgot about it early on because I was immersed in the painting process, but here's the initial blocking-in stage, with the rough tones to set the scene, using no white at all, just paint thinned down a little with White Spirit and scrubbed in with a worn-out brush.

 A little further on now and most of the key players are more or less completed, with the basic tones of the snow placed in, and the network of branches on the Elder bush left of centre and the trees on the right have been layered-in using my 1" household decorator's brush with a few structural trunks and branches put in with a rigger.

A little more work has been done in the water here, and then and to complete, I went all over the painting refining here and there, with more reeds and vegetation dragged in with the decorator's brush.


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