Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Spring Meadows

 Oil on Board, 7.5 x 10 inches

I painted this one en plein air on Monday morning, but what with the new gallery stuff taking up my time, I've only just managed to tinker with it in the studio and finish it off to satisfaction - probably tinkered a bit too much, but that's me!

Here's a few stages taken on site:
The initial scrub-in as I call it, just plotting the main shapes and basic undertones in diluted, thin, turpsy paint.
Now a little more definition using white in all the mixes, apart from the darks of the hedgerow, ready for lighter tones to be added.
As far as I got in the two hours before the light changed too much, but the basics dealt with. I just refined everything a little and toned down that cloud, making it a little pinker which is how I remembered it. It's never easy painting with full sunlight on the board, and harder still when the sun turns around and the light falls across, showing every contour of the surface.

But, it was a joyous experience, being serenaded by Buzzards pewing, Magpies chattering, Chiff-Chaffs chiff-chaffing, lambs bleating, Weasels scampering and the general glorious cacophony of birdsong.


  1. This picture reminds me of many lanes we have driven down amazing how many that are alike. Loved seeing how the painting began always interesting to read and your last paragraph made me feel I was there Peter.Hope you are ok I,m sure you are very busy also I am loving your calendar I only turn every month to get a surprise x Ve

  2. Thank you Ve - glad my calendar is a hit and lovely that you wait each month for the new painting - I'm honoured indeed! Best wishes, Peter


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