Saturday, 30 May 2015

Gallery Pics

Here are just a few pics of the gallery the night before and during the opening last weekend, just to give a flavour of how it all looked, but of course, the only way to REALLY comprehend the dazzling talent we have, expressed in the superb two-dimensional paintings on the wall, is to pay us a visit! 

I truly believe we have the best selection of what Inspector Grimm in the Thin Blue Line 
would say is non airy-fairy, arty-farty, namby-pamby, hoity-toity art in the land - absolutely no fannying-about!


  1. Looks absolutely fantastic Peter. Wish I lived within reach. I especially love the outdoor space.....sorry I know I should be looking at the pictures. I wish you all the best for a great success.

  2. Peter your gallery looks fabulous missed you today as I went to Patchings especially hoping to see you but know you now are very busy and well deserved too Ve x

    1. only just seen your comment Ve - sorry to have missed you at Patchings, but hope you enjoyed the day - may be back next year - we'll see...


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