Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Beer Barrels, Buckets, Buoys and Boats

Oil on Canvas 18 x 26 inches

The first 'biggy' for my solo show in Devon, this one was all about colour and light and tone...but then isn't every painting? Yes, answering my own question, but this has a lot of colour in it, with some rich crimsons, yellows, blues and greens - much more so than in my default landscapes.

Despite no human activity, there was a lot going on in the picture, with all the fishermen's nets, buckets, barrels, buoys, boats and pots scattered to form a perfect composition. The old rubber conveyor belt was placed nicely to provide a 'lead-in' to the red boat and let the eye roam around the the other vessels and back to the clutter in the foreground.

There were quite a few little cameos of light - the bright white light on the left-side of the red boat, the sunlit boat rails, the pinging sunlight on the up-turned yellow boat in the foreground and the beautiful crimson light shining through the plastic of the foreground crate. All great fun to paint and 'hooks' for a painter.


  1. Looks fantastic Peter.
    How long do you let your paintings dry before varnishing?

    Hope to visit your exhibition at Beer all the best Barney.

    1. Thank you Barney. I use Alkyds, fast-drying oils, so can varnish with retouching varnish in a few days, and that's all I use - never have the paintings long enough to use full gloss varnish, but if you do, it's best to wait 6 months with standard oils, or a couple of months with Alkyds.


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