Friday, 11 March 2016

Over the Gorse to St.Mawes

Oil on Board, 12 x 17 inches

This is another painting destined for the Harbour Gallery in Portscatho, it being of that locale.  

There were several 'hooks' that made me want to paint this one - the changing light every few seconds, so that some trees were lit up, then moments later cast in deep shadow, and similarly the foreground Gorse lit in bright yelling yellow, then cast dark and unobtrusive ochre. 

So, having taken a few photos of the view, I had to take the best of each light effect to make the optimum view available. I used a shaft of light to light up St.Mawes castle itself and the rocks on the end of the promontory, and of course that gorgeous stripe of turquoise sea - yum-my! 

I left the Pines on the nearer jut of land in shadow so as not to compete with the castle and sunlit part, but let the Gorse have it's say, sunlit and shouty to provide a lovely foil of complementary colour to the purple/blue sea. The lighter twiggy bits also stood out well against the darker ocean tone - lots of counterchange abounding, providing interest for the eye, hopefully.


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