Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Lakeland Paintings

I've just painted these three Lakeland scenes after my recent trip up to that fabulous part of our country. I was going to say back in my comfort zone, but those still-lifes I posted earlier were a blast and I really enjoyed the hand-brake turn !

  'Derwentwater'  Oil, 18 x 26 inches
This was a beautiful, calm morning by the south end of the lake, with mirror-like reflections and Mr and Mrs Mallard in the foreground - Mrs doing some preening and Mr with his head stuffed in his feathers, wondering just how long she's going to be...............

'Stonethwaite Beck'  Oil, 18 x 26 inches
As I mostly paint rivers down in my neck of the woods, this was a right challenge, painting tumbling water through a valley of thousands of rocks. Painting the way I do, it's tricky to paint these anything like loosely.  There is such a lot of light and shade on every damned one, it was great to finish it !  What a stunning valley, though. 
'River Derwent, Borrowdale'  Oil, 16 x 22 inches
Blue distant mountains, un-clad trees, wonderful reflections and just the odd few orange leaves left, like little jewels - what a subject, largely close-toned with muted colours, save for that bit of orange as a complementary colour to the blue of the mountains.


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  2. Victory Painting Group are really looking forward to your demo on May 25th - Rose


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