Thursday, 14 April 2011

Walker below Eagle Crag

Oil on canvas,  18 x 24 inches

This is the last of my Lakes paintings for now. The inspiration for this one was the sparkling, clear water with the stones on the bottom appearing almost turquoise, with the jagged rocks on the right catching the bright sunlight, set against the dark far bank, with the giant blue Eagle Crag looming out of the top of the canvas. Don't you just want to get into that water ?  I did and it was wonderful.


  1. Just found you yesterday from Carol's site , as an old codger living in Canada
    your work made me feel I had the opportunity to Take ramble through the
    English countryside, felt refreshed and sent your site to two three other
    ex pats to enjoy. I am one of Carols followers and have thoroughly enjoyed
    meeting so many kinds or Artists and their work. Can't beat An in Pad for
    some practical advice and gather enthusiasm! super stuff will visit often

  2. Hullo Mr Barker,
    Cor, this is truly stunning.I like it a lot.
    William Brown
    Age 12


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