Sunday, 10 July 2011

Last Little Pictures

These are the last two paintings for my one-man-show at the Marine House Gallery at Beer starting next Saturday, 16th July. I shall be at the Gallery to meet and greet all day from 11am till 5.30pm, so I hope to meet some of you. If you do come, please make yourself known to me - I'll be the one with the cape and shades, signing books and bodyparts, surrounded by dozens of fawning women, trying to calm people down, but megastardom has hardly changed me, honestly................... 

All 45 paintings can be seen on the Gallery website at   
Incidentally, for those of you who are on the gallery mailing list and have therefore received an illustrated catalogue, please ignore the colours of the images - due to circumstances beyond my control (what's technically known as a cock-up), almost all the images have a green cast on them.  Rest assured, I don't have cataracts, I don't paint green skies and yukky emerald green grass and trees !  Please ignore these diabolical images and see the Gallery website or this Blog for truer images. 

 River Meander, Oil 6x8 inches

This is the first painting produced from my wading in my local River Welland the other day. It's a very green, but warm, sunny, summer painting and it was a nice feeling to finally get the last one 'in the bag'.  Now, I have to frame all the paintings ready for delivery to the Gallery.

Backlit Teasels, Oil 6x8 inches

Looking straight into the low winter sun on a crisp, frosty day gives a very special sparkle to water, which is particularly tricky to portray with paint.  Titanium White is the painter's hopelessly inadequate lightest light at his or her disposal, so you have to pull a few tricks to create the illusion.  I can't possibly tell you how or I'd have to kill you, obviously.  This contre jour light also gives teasels a gorgeous halo, so I decided to include this in the title.

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