Friday, 8 July 2011

Two more little 'uns

November Sunlight, Oil 6 x 8 inches
This is on my favourite stretch of river, the Welland, near my home. here, it's in its late Autumn garb, with just a few leaves left on the trees and just a hint of mist on the water by the far bank.

 Just this morning and yesterday morning I was at the river, in fact IN the river, wading in with my Croc shoes and shorts, drinking in the river (not literally).  I often paint from the bank, but I thought I would try a different angle and nothing quite compares to the water eye view, looking up at the banks, instead of down at the river.  In my mind I was a boy again, wading in the River Cherwell in Banbury, catching Bullheads, Sticklebacks and Minnows in jam-jars.  It really was a joy, wading in that crystal clear water, with hundreds of the very same tiddlers darting in front of my feet in the channels between the bright green flowing Water Crowfoot.  It might be challenging to set up my pochade box and tripod in the river, but I might have a go.  Watch this space...........
April Growth, Oil 6 x 8 inches
This was a typical April day, with fresh green vegetation growing through the rotted, straw-coloured reeds of the previous year.

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