Sunday, 21 August 2011

David Cameron

Well, you knew I would comment didn't you?  David Cameron, who I think is a pretty genuine kind of guy, as much as a politician possibly can be, has just had installed in No10 a Tracey Emin 'work', below:

Brilliant, isn't it?  A neon sign with two words cunningly arranged with two stunning lines artistically placed beneath.  We are indeed lucky that it doesn't contain any spelling mistakes and has no slang for female reproductive organs included.  

Mr Cameron admits to being a big fan of Miss Emin's 'work' respect for the man has plummeted.  He needs to concentrate on running the country methinks and stop being deluded like the other prats who have had the wool pulled over their eyes, seeing the king's new clothes in the plethora of garbage out there, masquerading as art.

Here's my own nod to tracey's brilliant new work:

Less Crap

I think I posted this link in an earlier diatribe about modern art and Miss Emin, but it's worth clicking on again.  Brian sewell hasn't yet commented on No10's acquisition, but I'm sure he will and I'll post it here if and when he does, but in the meantime, settle down with the greater Oxford English dictionary and read what he said about dear Tracey's exhibition at the Hayward Gallery:


  1. Admit it Peter it would look good in a night club or in Los Vegas, so maybe Mr Cameron is telling us to lighten up and forget all our troubles.

  2. Yes John and Barbara, it would look good in a night club or in Vegas, and that's where it should be, along with Miss Emin herself!

  3. "Move Passlow"??? Perhaps her next should be done in Arial, Garamond or Tahoma. There are so many lovely fonts available, why pick one that's so hard to read?


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