Wednesday, 3 August 2011

It's me - I'm still alive!

Hi everyone, I bet you've all been wondering what I've been doing since my last post 25 years ago.  Well, I've had my exhibition in Devon which is now finished - thanks to all of you who came down to try and catch a glimpse of me in the melee on the opening day......and to see the paintings. Nineteen sold, so I'm solvent again, but still not rich beyond my wildest dreams.......
I forgot to add - if any of you reading this bought one of my masterpieces in Devon I'm eternally grateful - you've made a very young man (cough, nasty catch in throat) very happy.

I've been catching up with commissions and am now trying to get four new paintings done for the RSMA (Royal Society of Marine Artists) Annual Exhibition at The Mall Galleries in London, so I just thought I would tune in.  I'll post these new masterpieces as I do them in the next few days.....

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