Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Big Freeze

Oil on Board, 6x8 inches

I did this little painting from a photo I took last winter in the freezing temperatures we had in December, when the River Welland partly froze over - a pretty rare occurrence. I embellished the sky a bit as it was a rather dull day, so I cheered it up with sunlight breaking through.  The gnarled old willows were a challenge, being covered in hoar frost; just that bit darker, being set against the sky, than the frosted vegetation of the banks.  The sheep moving away in the distant field provided a nice little lead-in through the gap in the willows.


  1. ooh had a cold nose and frost bite just looking at this one. They are such a pleasure to see. Hope all is going well with your DIY. Ve

    1. Thank you Ve. I got proper frostbite with the one above, as you'll read....
      My renovations (to the house ) are progressing well thank you!


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