Thursday, 26 January 2012

Two New Oils

 I know, I know, it's been ages since I've posted - you know how it is when you're a top dauber of pigments suspended in oil, trying to paint from the soul (what a load of cobblers) when your cape keeps getting covered in brick dust from the builders in the next room.  Yes, I'm having a bit of building work done - inglenook, beams, knocking walls down, the usual everyday things you have going on around you, and I've been aging beams, looking at woodburners, carpets and sofas........

I've taken on far too much work this year with two solo shows at Marine House at Beer in May and at John Noott Gallery in November, so there's going to be no peace for the wicked, or you, so get ready for a whole load more paintings coming forth.

 Crisp Frost, Oil on Board, 10x14 inches

ANYWAY, back to painting, the painting above that is. This one will probably going to the Affordable Art Fair at Battersea Park in London in March.  It's as a result of a walk along my local river two weeks ago.  The early morning severe frost adorned everything with that gorgeous, crunchy, dusting of ice, that I find adorable to paint.  It's probably my favourite painting subject, a real challenge of close-toned observation, almost monochrome landscape, with subtle changes of hue and colour. It was great to get back to painting again.

Spring Greens by the Windrush, 
Oil on Board, 12x17 inches

This one is actually a re-painted picture from a couple of years ago.  I felt I hadn't quite got the colours right, so, with some adjustments, ie., painting the entire picture again, it's somewhere nearer what I wanted.  The view is of the River Windrush (isn't that just the best name for a river?) near Burford on Oxfordshire, my home county.  The river had a milky green quality to it after rain, which muted the reflections somewhat, but slow-moving water is such a delight to paint whatever its look, and contrary to popular belief, is far away the easiest bit of a landscape to paint, but keep that under your hat, otherwise everyone will be doing it...........


  1. Both paintings are wonderful, as always. Good luck with your exhibitions I am sure they will prove to be popular. Wish I could be there.

  2. Thank you Bev! Come and have a day out - would be good to meet!

  3. What a lovely surprise as I logged on tonight. Had wondered what had happened to you. Thought you where out and about and it was worth the wait. Gorgeous paintings. Hope all goes well with your alterations and exhibitions. Do you think you will be at Patchings this year, if so will look out for you. Ve.

    1. Thank you Ve - one tries you know! Yes, I shall definitely be at Patchings, so do look me up and say hello!

    2. My goodness another two stunning pictures.


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