Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Flimsy Grey Top

Oil on Linen Canvas, 20 x 12 inches

Here's another one from the model, the last one for a while, but I thought I would try this for the ROI Exhibition too, just for the sake of variety to show I'm not a one-trick pony.

I really enjoyed this one and it came together very quickly.  With light sources from two windows (the one the model is looking out of and another one from the left), her garment was receiving a weaker highlight on her back than on her front and this made for close observation of the subtle variations of tone on the grey top.  

I couldn't think of a snappy title, so, for now, I've settled on 'Flimsy Grey Top' to draw attention to the wonderful folds of the material.  I had no preconception as to how I wanted the model to pose, but rather let her try a few poses until I said "woh, that's it!"  I liked the way her right hand pressed into the small of her back, puckering the thin material of the top, forming interesting folds and stretches over the torso. I particularly liked the bit of skin colour showing through the grey just above the fingers of the right hand.


  1. Another stunning and difficult pose to capture, but with success. Regards

    1. Cheers Trevor, your comments are always much appreciated


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