Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Calendar 2013 pics

Okay folks, fresh off the press, here it is, my new 2013 Calendar, size 81/4 x 113/4 inches, or if you're under forty, 210 x 297 millipedes (A4) 

...and double that opened out on each month when hung as above. All the 12 seasonal images are below. 

Again, if you would like one or more at £10 each, inclusive of postage, you can either order by using this link:
giving your address and how many you would like, then I will post out to you straight away and you can send me a cheque for same, 
OR by emailing me direct at
OR you can buy them via the 'SHOP' page on my website, using your Credit Card in Paypal, by clicking this link:   
Thank you!


  1. This years have been a joy to turn each month looking forward to receiving the new one and may I wish you both season greetings and lots of success in the New Year. Ve

    1. Thank you very much Ve, and may I wish the same to you and Derek

  2. That is stunning and a very good price! I may need one of those! Really nice hanging out with you yesterday, thanks for the company. Looking forward to a plein air paint out with you :-)

    PS There's a photo on my blog tonight of you looking very tall!!

    1. Thanks Haidee - good fun wasn't it! I've just published my own post on the ROI - may I use that photo of all those tall painters...and you...and publish it on my blog too?


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