Wednesday, 12 December 2012

ROI Opening

Yesterday, I spent a long, immensely enjoyable day at the Private View Day of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London town. Despite getting none of my own work in this year, not that I'm bitter and twisted in any way you was great to see such a fine exhibition of colleagues' work, all done in the Oil medium.

Outgoing ROI President addressed the enormous audience present, presenting quite a moving speech after his illness, then the irrepressible Giles Brandreth was guest speaker who entertained all with his trademark wit and repartee and dished out the awards to the lucky few.

I hooked up with some fine painters I admire, 'talking shop' with David Pilgrim, Roy Connelly, Haidee-Jo Summers, Adebanji Alade and Ian Cryer 
Posing with Roy, Haidee and David

and here are a few of the paintings exhibited:

 Farmstead at Troutbeck by David Curtis
Unmistakably David's perfectly rendered painting, singing with light
 Incoming Tide, Hook Head by Haidee-Jo Summers
Great use of the blue underpainting and nice, slabby brushstrokes with crisp, white breakers
 Black Dress IV by Tina Spratt
Unusual composition and high viewpoint, but beautifully and softly painted
 Lavenham Church, late Winter light by Roy Connelly
Cold subject, but warm lighting and see the brightest light on the snow, just below the church
 Rowan feeding the red fire by Jane Hodgson
Superb composition and lively paint rendering
 Old Harry Rocks by David Pilgrim
Great use of the underpainting - just look at that shadow!
 Viewing Day by Dennis Gaskin
Superbly economical mark-making
 The Mill at Cley by Dennis Syrett
Gorgeous slabby brushtrokes
 Homelessness, Earls Court by Adebanji Alade
Great portrayal of a homeless man, so typically Adebanji's - just look at that beard
 Old man wearing a bib by Tim Benson
Click on this and just look at those huge brushmarks on this huge painting!
 Luis Morris's paintings
Beautifully painterly nude studies with really expressive brushmarks

Three of Peter Brown's sublime paintings, all painted en plein air with stunning effects


  1. Just returned from the ROI exhibition - really enjoyed the day and agree with your comments, Peter. Also liked Peter Wileman's work - great light effects. Ian Cryer did a painting demo this afternoon - useful and informative.
    Andrew B

    1. Hi Andrew. Yes, Pete's good too - but I had to draw the line somewhere, or my entire quota of photo storage on Blogger would have been used up!
      Ian's a fine painter too - quiet, but very knowledgeable...but did he produce as many one-liners as me!

    2. I have to say that he didn't! But it was an inspiring day. Hopefully, some of that will rub off...

    3. I'm sure it was, but don't go rubbing too much off!

  2. C'est avec un grand plaisir que je découvre votre blog via Jo et l'ensemble de votre travail... Travail fabuleux !
    Je m'autoriserai une prochaine visite...

    Gros bisous.

    1. Le merci Martinealison, je suis satisfait vous aimez mon Blog et mes peintures! Content de vous avoir à bord de!

  3. Well done Mon Petit, well translated
    x from your one and only...


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