Tuesday, 12 March 2013


No you silly devils, I'm not announcing my retirement from the art world!  I've been painting walls and cupboards and skirtings and doors and ceiling in my kitchen....and I HATE IT!  You go and buy poncy, ridiculously expensive Farrow & Ball paint, expecting it to cover better than some other generic paint like Dulux that's less than half the price, and you still have to go over the damned wall twice!  In my eyes, all painters and decorators should be knighted immediately, because it's so bally BORING! 

I can't wait to get back to the easel and do some interesting painting.  Any artist who earns a living from daubing paint on a board should count themselves darned lucky, and I do!  What a wonderful profession we enjoy, standing before nature's beauty, creating works of art, hopefully, that some lovely people will pay their hard-earned money to own.  Not bad is it?

Writers have a pretty good life too, so go and visit Janey Edkins's Blog and have a look at a snippet of her uproariously funny and poignant first book, soon to be published, along with her highly entertaining prevarication prior to writing, which is very reminiscent of artists when they're in their studio. Please leave her a comment at the bottom if you've time, at http://janeyedkins.blogspot.co.uk thank you!


  1. Peindre les murs, les volets ou les portes... je dirais beurk ! effectivement. En revanche se trouver devant une toile blanche et laisser parler notre esprit et notre coeur... oui !
    Gros bisous

    1. Merci Martinealison, je ne pourrait pas convenir davantage !


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