Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Not Me!

My dearest, Janey Edkins, has recently started her own Blog at http://janeyedkins.blogspot.co.uk/   Janey is not an artist, but a brilliantly funny writer and her first book, "Walking on Marshmallows", (remember it), is going to be launched onto an unsuspecting public soon.  She has just published the first chapter as a taster on her third ever Blog Post, together with a description of her typical preliminary prevarication prior to tapping away on the keyboard!

Please take a look by clicking on the link above, and if you can spare the time, you would make a wonderful woman grateful beyond comprehension if you would leave a comment on her Post.  And if you know anyone who you think might enjoy it, please pass on the link - it might go viral - thank you very much!


  1. De ce pas, je m'en voir son blog...
    Gros bisous à vous.

    1. Merci de regarder Martinealison! Désolé le traducteur ne travaille pas assez bien...

  2. Will do Peter .... first (slightly bitchish???) comment was that she must be wonderful indeed to ... well work out the rest :-)
    but I did quickly check the Blog and I know I'll just love her sense of humour but I'm so up against the clock just now .. or is that fannying around??

    Will def get back to Janey's Blog and pass on the link but need a couple of days to get back on track myself.

    Better go and cook dins for other half or I'll have peed off 3 people this evening!!

    1. Thanks ! When you do get a chance I think you'll love her writing and please do pass on the link to anyone you know who might enjoy iy - it might go viral! Off to cook dins now too.


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