Friday, 19 April 2013

Sunlight Sequins

Pastel on Pastelmat, 9 x 13 inches

I've painted this little Pastel for the Leicestershire Pastel Society annual exhibition next month.  I've called it Sunlight Sequins for obvious reasons - those lovely sparkles of pure light in the water amid the dark of the tree reflection, and that's what drew me to paint the scene.

Next, I may try some....Watercolours!  Rub eyes, look again...yes, Watercolours!  I haven't ventured into the medium for some years, but I'm itching to have a go again.  Just need to break the ice and DO one to conquer the fear. Watercolour done properly, is the most difficult medium in my eyes - it's a one-hit chance..if it doesn't come off, in the bin it goes, whereas an Oil or a Pastel can be scraped or scrubbed back and repainted.

Wish me luck...over the top I go


  1. Utterly delightful! Good luck with the watercolour.......scares the hell out of me! And for the reason you's do or die.

  2. Love the light in this one Peter especially the blue snow, best of luck with the watercolour it,s a medium I too love but when I view Thomas W Schaller,s pictures or Trevor Lingards it,s a bit off putting with my attempts. Still keep trying eh! Ve

    1. Thank you Ve. I used to paint in watercolour almost exclusively 30 years ago, but have got a bit rusty over the years. So, I'll have to blow of the dust from my sables...


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