Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Through the Gap, Mousehole

Oil on Board, 7 x 10 inches

I know you've all been waiting, but I've given up on the watercolours for now.  Having been selling very well lately, I'm very pleased to say my oils and pastels are in demand, so I can't afford to spend any more time trying stuff outside my comfort zone (sorry Colin!).  I really want to have some time off and have a full-blown, concerted effort at watercolours to try and get them up to exhibition standard.
Anyway, here's an oil of glorious Mousehole in deepest Cornwall.  I painted this one 'en plein air' about four years ago, stored it away and dug it out yesterday to finish off, so here it is.  I'm doing a few Mousehole paintings for the Little Picture Gallery,,  a wonderful gallery run by Paul and Judy Joel in Mousehole, so stand by for more.....


  1. Love this picture, such a good feeling the boats coming in, I wonder
    if they had a good catch! a lovely effect.

    1. Thank you John and Babs. The ones in the foreground are pleasure boats, but the one in the background is a fishing boat, and it did have a good catch - I saw it unloaded at 6am!

  2. A well known composition, painted in your recognisable style.
    Spot on Peter.
    Best Regards mate

    1. Ah, thanks Trevor! I'm working on two more from almost the same spot, all with different, dazzling light effects...


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