Monday, 8 July 2013

New Gallery Outlet!

Hello campers.  I've been painting frames and taking down exhibitions in the last week or so, but am back painting today.  I have to enter three or four paintings for the Royal Society of Marine Artists Annual Exhibition (is it really that time of year again - whooosh, where did that year go?) and continue with work for an exhibition in Devon later in the year.

However, I have just had some paintings accepted in a new outlet for me - the superb Birdscapes Gallery at Glandford, near Holt in Norfolk, run by Steve and Liz Harris.  The gallery is set in a lovely part of Norfolk, with an enormous cafe next door, and features predominantly bird and animal paintings by some of the very best wildlife painters in the country, with a smattering of landscapes of wild places and local Norfolk landscapes, which is where my work comes in.  There is currently a superb exhibition of wildlife paintings by David Cowdry - well worth a look - absolutely top-notch!

But, if all my old clients who were used to seeing my work at the Ringstead Gallery in north Norfolk up until its closure in 2009, or any others of you who visit the area, pop in to Birdscapes, you will be able to see the paintings below - just ask Steve or Liz, or their son Peter.
Barrows 'n' Boats, Brancaster Staithe 
Oil 9x12 ins

Across the Marshes, Brancaster Staithe 
Oil 7x10 ins

On the Hard at Sunset, Brancaster Staithe  
Pastel 9x12 ins

 Distant Shower, Burnham Overy Staithe
Watercolour 10x14 ins

Gleaming Mud, Brancaster Staithe
 Pastel 13x19 ins
 High Tide, Thornham
Oil 17x30 ins

Cob and Pen
Giclee Print on Canvas 22x22 ins 

 Moored-Up, Brancaster Staithe
 Oil 10x14 ins

Hauling-in Cromer Beach 
Watercolour 14x21 ins

Evening Sunlight, Halvergate Marshes 
Pastel 14x21 ins

Into the Light, Brancaster Staithe
 Pastel 13x19 ins
Sunlit Mud, Brancaster Staithe
 Oil 13x12 ins


  1. All Superb Peter, but my favourite is " Gleaming Mud". Regards

    1. Cheers Trevor - funnuly enough, David Curtis himself saw that one at Patchings and thought it was a 'stonker', so praise indeed from two heavyweights! Best wishes, Peter

  2. It's not often I comment on this, but dearest...darling, what a brilliant selection and I agree with Trevor Lingard, the gleaming mud is superb. It truly sings with light.
    Lots of love from your Janeyxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks darls, much appreciation from your Pastel Petey xxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Peter.
    The very best of luck with your paintings at the RCMA, I shale be there mate. Yep, Gleaming mud but also Distant showers. All the best Peter.

    1. Thanks Vic, I shan't be entering these for the RSMA, but all new ones, yet to be painted. I shall hopefully be there at the Private View opening day, so if you're there then, make yourself known to me. Best wishes, Peter

  4. Oh, my!...what a treat to find this group of paintings. The way you catch the light on canvas is....well, for want of a better word, superb!! I can feel the sunlight shining while I look!...

    1. Thank you BJR, your comment is much appreciated!

  5. I followed your advice and checked out the Birdscape gallery near Holt....Stunning exhibition and gallery full of inspiration... AND after following your blog for the past couple of years I got to see some of YOUR work in the actual flesh...Awesome.
    The gallery also expressed interest in featuring some of my work, so thanks for the tip-off.

  6. Recently I went to 'Patchings' to pick up my painting which was recently exhibited in the recent exhibition in association with 'The Artist ' magazine and 'Leisure Painter'. Whilst there I decided to pay a visit to 'The Barn Gallery.' One of the stand out paintings in that exhibition was this one by Peter Barker - Gleaming Mud, Brancaster Staithe.

    My immediate thoughts were 'wow, that guy can paint!'. Second thought - 'Why do I like it so much?' Answer - is painted in pastels (my number one medium), 2, it's a place I recognise (having done a double take) and 3. the execution, skill and vision by Peter to create this beautiful simplistic backlit scene with so much conviction and....celebrate the light so well'. Anything else? 'Yes, I wish I'd painted it'.

    1. Cheers Robert, that's a lovely compliment from another artist, and much appreciated, thank you!


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