Wednesday, 16 October 2013

RSMA Exhibition

Me, with my two paintings!

I had a wonderful day yesterday at the Royal Society of Marine Artists Exhibition at The Mall Galleries in London, meeting fellow artists and viewing the exhibition of some 288 paintings - a real feast for the eye!  The exhibition is open 10am-5pm from today until 27th October when it closes at 1pm, and I thoroughly recommend having a look if you get the chance to. 

The journey home was a little less enjoyable, with the last coach at 7pm not showing...broken down apparantly, so nine of us weary travellers were taken on another coach to Stansted airport, then after an hour's wait, the standard less than helpful, unsmiling, apathetic, vacant-looking staff ushered us to a couple of big taxis to take us back to Peterborugh, an hour-and-a-half late, groan.

The photo above was kindly taken by my colleague Haidee-Jo Summers, with me standing next to my two paintings in the gallery on the right as you go in, which we have nicknamed 'the fridge' or 'cold room', because it is lit, rather uninvitingly, by very cold, blue 'daylight' spotlights!  You can see my pics have yellow 'C' stickers on them, which stands for candidate, NOT what you lot might be making up your own meaning for!  I am being considered for associate membership of the esteemed society and will know in a couple of weeks or so whether I have gained enough votes.  It's one of those long drawn-out pregnant pauses like in every reality show on the telly employs; you can just hear some distant drum beats if you listen carefully...


  1. 3 very nice pictures Peter thanks to Haidee-Jo fingers crossed for a good result you deserve it . Ve


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