Monday, 14 October 2013

The Palace from St.James's Park

Oil on Board, 10 x 17 inches

I've long fancied painting this view of Buckingham Palace from the Bridge over the lake in St.James's Park, so I've finally got around to it. Despite being in mid-December, there was a lot of colour abounding, with the cool blue/greys of the palace with its attendant reflections, contrasting with the warm reds, russets, yellows and greens of the trees and grass.  It really was a joy to paint, with some intense concentration required to depict the glassy water.  I particularly enjoyed painting the Victoria Monument right of centre with its gold top.
I think I shall submit this for the ROI exhibition too, as it's another local landscape. And it's more up my street, despite being in the heart of our capital, with lots of trees and glorious reflections, so we'll see what the selectors think...

Tomorrow I'm off to London to see the RSMA exhibition - always a great gig - so I shall be walking over the same bridge from where I was standing for this painting.


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