Monday, 16 February 2015

Ocean Sunlight

Oil on Board, 6x8 inches

Haven't painted for a couple of weeks - too busy with other things, but more of that in a while...

So, here's a little chap just to oil the wheels (did you see what I did there?) I based it on a snap I took of then morning sunlight bouncing off the sea at Mousehole, in the bit that most tourists go - beyond the harbour wall. Sunlight on a relatively dark sea and sky, with wet stones reflecting little spotlights, is an irresistible subject and I hope I've done it justice. 


  1. Many congratulations Mr Barker. love your latest painting too. lots of hard work going on,we wondered what you were up to!

  2. We wondered what you were up to! many congratulations, here's to a success and more hard work!


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