Monday, 23 March 2015

New Gallery!!!!

So, you've probably been wondering where I've been for the last 5 weeks?  Well, I've had my head down planning, writing lots of artists' blurbs and bumph for various pages and loading lots of photos of fabulous paintings for my new fine art gallery, Peter Barker Fine Art, in Uppingham in Rutland.

The gallery will feature some of the very best paintings by 27 esteemed colleagues as well as my own work. The website is now live and you can see for yourselves the sheer quality of work that will be hanging on our walls, by clicking PBFA

Here are just a few of the paintings available at the gallery, which opens next month, date to be announced soon:
A Sunday Stroll, Scrooby - Oil on Board 10 x 14 ins
by David Curtis ROI RSMA

 Green Fields - Oil on Board 10 x 14 inches
by Graham Webber ROI AIEA EAGMA

Whitby Harbour, Evening - Oil on Board 16 x 12 ins
by Haidee Jo Summers
Studio Stuff with Green Striped Sock Monster - Oil on Board 12 x 16 ins by Tom Hughes

 Looking for Conkers - Oil on Board 8 x 12 ins
by Leslie Stones


  1. Superb, and what a bunch of artists!!


  2. Good luck with your new gallery. Such talent in one place. Hope to visit on my way to Patchings. Will you have time to be there?

    1. Thankn you Barney. No, wont be at Patchings this year - other fish to fry!

  3. Hi Peter,
    congratulations on the launch of the gallery website - it looks great!
    I found it very easy to navigate, the simple design makes it uncluttered and visually appealing, with the emphasis on images rather than words. Of course the artwork displayed is fantastic, I can't wait to see all the artists paintings at the gallery in April! Thanks again for including me as an exhibitor, it is an honour.

    1. Thanks Les, glad you like the look of it. Very pleased to have you aboard, I assure you!


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