Saturday, 27 February 2016

Broadway from Snowshill

Oil on board, 10 x 17 inches

This is a beautiful view across the valley from near the top of Snowshill in Broadway, Worcestershire. I liked the placement of the sheep, pointing the eye towards the distant blue horizon.

Not done many green paintings for a while - just not the season for it, but this one is for the Spring/Summer season in my Broadway outlet. I've been asked on a few occasions about mixing greens, and do I use a proprietary green straight from the tube. I remember a few years back that a chap came into my local art shop when I was in there, and he was clutching a photo of a painting and asked the assistant if they had a tube of a green he had outlined in the picture, hoping that would solve all his problems!  Actually, there is no magic green - it's just a question of really looking at the greens in front of you, and mixing them from what you have.  I do sometimes use Sap Green as a base green, but never on its own, and more often I mix the green I want from Cadmium Yellow Light and Cobalt Blue, modified throughout each passage with Permanent Rose, Raw Umber, Viridian and titanium White, of course. But the tones and shades are constantly changed for each brushstroke so that the greens have interest, just as they do in nature, rather than a blanket emerald stripe, which is dull and does not represent reality.

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