Monday, 8 February 2016

Late Autumn Glade

Oil on Board, 10 x 14 inches

This is another demo I did a while back and just finished it off in the studio. Quite a contrast to the last few fairly closed-toned paintings, with lots of flashy highlights punctuating the shadows, lighting up the glorious Autumnal shades of ochre and orange, with plenty of punchy impasto marks dragged with my big 1" decorator's brush and some more with the palette knife.

This wood is near home and contains a mix of deciduous trees and conifers, and has an abundance of rises and falls in this part, which provide a wealth of painting opportunities. I'm not so keen on it in Summer, when all is lush and green, but in Spring and Autumn, and Winter for that matter, it comes into its own, and Spring's only around the corner...

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