Wednesday, 10 January 2018


Oil on Board, 10 x 17 inches

This is the first painting for 7 weeks!!! That's probably the longest spell not painting since I started this mularkey 34 years ago. Just been so busy doing up a house, navvying, Christmas, not to mention running a gallery...but it's great to be back in the saddle.

This was a demo painting I did last year which I thought needing some finishing off, and in fact pretty much entirely repainting, so here it is!

Frost is a joy to paint, and when there's a mist too, with a hint of it being burned-off by the weak Winter sun, doubly so. This sort of atmosphere provides lots of soft blues in the distant trees, now devoid of their leafy garb, so, if you, the painter, can replicate those colours and most of all, tones - the relative darks and lights throughout the picture plane - you can make the painting appear three-dimensional, although on a two-dimensional surface.

It feels good to be back with brush in hand!


  1. Absolutely fab' as usual Peter.

  2. Great to have a new painting for inspiration. I love your green scenes, but you also make a frosty scene seem so appealing.


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