Friday, 19 January 2018

Snow Pocket

'Snow Pocket', Oil on Board, 7 x 9.5 inches
Another painting after the recent snowfall in Rutland. This is a quiet road from the village of Wakerley to Wakerley Wood. One of my favourite light effects to capture in paint, the morning sun was straight ahead, piercing through the huge Oak branches, dancing its light over the verge and road, with its rays beaming across the hedgerows, picking out globules of dew. The snow was still lying on the verge, kept in shadow by the trees for most of the day, and the road gleamed with ice - gorgeous!
The backdrop of trees and the near hedgerow were painted mostly with my decorator's brush, whilst the road was picked out with a worn old hog, dragged with successive layers of paint over the tacky underpaint - one of the advantages of Alkyds with their fast-drying facility.


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    1. Thanks Ian! I photograph my pics under my daylight tubes, then adjust the White Balance setting to 'day white fluorescent' on my Nikon D3300. It took some fiddling about to get the setting that gave accurate photos, but this is as good as I've got. Hope that helps! Thanks again for your kind words, Peter

  2. Another stunning piece Peter, just love your contre-jours and completely in awe! Also I am captivated by your image reproduction - are you scanning or photographing them? Thanks for the time you spend on the blog, it's a great source of inspiration and more importantly motivation! Cheers, Ian.


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