Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Affordable Art Fair

I've no idea how many people read this blog, or even what a blog is, but it's about time I up-dated it. Being a luddite, I've also no idea why this bit is underlined in blue and have no idea how to get rid of it! How do you get rid of it and what does it do - it's like a website or email address gets underlined automatically.

I digress - I've been incredibly busy working for my one-man-show in Devon in July, and have also just produced 12 paintings for the Affordable Art Fair at Battersea Park from 10th-13th March. Here's a preview of the paintings that you'll find on the Marine House at Beer stand.

I'm also considering posting here the new paintings as I do them for my solo show - anyone interested in that ?

Thanks to both of you for looking !

Balmy August, Oil 14x16

Sunlit Left Bank, Pastel 11x15

Blinding Reflections, Oil 6x8

Warm June on The Nene, Oil 10x14

Snow Shadows, Oil 10x14

Trout Rise on The Teign, Oil 10x14

Atholl Palace from the Tummel
, Oil 12x17

Time to Get Up, Oil 12x17

Snouts in The Trough, Oil 14x20

Blue And Gold, Oil 19x27

Cotswold Grazers, Oil 20x30

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