Saturday, 12 March 2011


Yes, don't rub your eyes, these are my first forays into still-lifes for about 20 years !  I've been following two brilliant artists, Carol Marine and Qiang Huang (links opposite), who predominantly paint still-lifes.  Their wonderful paintings have inspired me to have a change of tack from my landscapes and wildlife and here are my first efforts.  Any comments would be gratefully received.

So What Happened To You ?

Oil 7 x 10 inches
I thought I would play on the 'normal' onion and the red onion, so inclined them towards each other for the composition

D'you Know Him ? 

Oil 6 x 8 inches
I arranged the Red and Yellow Peppers so their curled stalks were talking to each other about the Green guy following them.

Does My Bum Look Big In This ? 
Oil 6 x 8 inches
I had forgotten the joy of painting metal !  I dug this little tea-pot out of the back of the cupboard and placed the Garlic and Apple so their distorted reflections showed prominently.  But which one is asking the question ?

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