Monday, 21 March 2011


 This was a joyous struggle...ellipses...phew, the drawing's got to be right or it doesn't 'read'. It needed a little adjustment - I don't draw out the composition in pencil or charcoal, but go straight in with a brush and paint - I find that easier, more flowing, especially as the panel surface has a real grippy 'tooth' to it.  Looking through a viewfinder and holding the long brush at the end also allows the drawing to flow better, then I find it easier to refine with subsequent brush strokes.
I've painted eggs and eggshells before in pastel and watercolour and gouache, but I really enjoyed this in Oils and am pleased with the result.  Back to landscapes tomorrow, then one more 'live' still-life when I give a demo at Melton Mowbray on Thursday in 3 days time.

You probably all know, but if you click on any image on my Blog you get a larger version.

Thanks for looking in ! 

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  1. You really are annoying - after 20years & never having used oils for still-life painting before, you still manage to create such beautifully amazing pieces of work like this. Please stop - i'm running out of room on my walls.


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