Monday, 23 May 2011

English Bluebell Spring

Oil on Board, 14 x 20 inches

Yes, I know it's a bit twee, but Bluebells in a wood ARE one of the most spectacular sights of Spring in England.  This is from a wood local to me at Fineshade, part of the ancient Rockingham Forest. I wasn't after a pretty scene, so opted for my favourite angle of looking almost straight into the sunlight. 

The flowers had just about gone over when I went down there early one morning, so I had to embellish what I saw a bit, but I made good use of the back-lighting with lots of light and shade, with most of the painting done with my well-loaded 1-inch household paintbrush, apart from the tree trunks and branches anf=d the few impast dabs with a palette knife.

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  1. Hullo Mr Barker,
    William Brown here. Just admiring your work again. I think I will come and see your exhibition at Patchings in June. Maybe it might be an idea to advertise that your demonstrating there. Then your legion of fans will be fighting to get the opportunity to meet you and fondle your easel and fawn over your paintings ha ha. Keep it up your getting good at it.


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