Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Glorious Autumn

 Oil on Canvas, 20 x 28 inches 

There's an awful lot of texture on this painting that doesn't show on the two dimensional photo. I deployed my long, flexible palette knife combined with my big household paintbrush for much of the russet foliage and fallen leaves.  Generally speaking I'm a fairly lean painter, but you'll get real value for your money with this one - the paint's fairly sculpted on !

I put in the Fallow Deer stag with his harem at the suggestion of a friend and slightly re-arranged the perspective of the foreground logs to lead the eye to the focal point - dashed clever what, Jeeves ?  

I was painting late into the night in the studio under my two 5ft daylight fluorescent tubes, and it being a warm May evening, the windows were being bombarded by Cockchafer Beetles, commonly known (and less suggestively) as Maybugs, photo below. These are enormous beetles, nearly two inches long and if they collide with you when you're out at night, it's a bit like being hit by a little buzzy helicopter !  They don't mean to hit you, even though they look fearsome - they're just clumsy, blundering, harmless guys who've staggered out of the pub, a bit worse for wear, so if you come across one, just put him out of harm's way to stop him being squashed.

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  1. Oh, I know someone with the same overhead lights and occassionally I sit underneath them painting. I am so glad I haven't had that experience of big bugs that drop on you out of nowhere and haven't even got any chocolates under their arms - Remember The lady loves Milk Tray....I would have screamed the house down. My, YOU ARE SO VERY VERY BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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