Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Show me the sodding Monet !

Words almost fail me, but not quite......on today's debacle of a show, David Lee pronounced Jamie Hageman's superb mountainscape (no mention at any time of the medium used) not good enough, whilst Charlotte Mullins and Roy 'the voice' Bolton were astonished that Jamie was self-taught and hadn't been to art college.  I would have been astonished if he HAD been to art college, producing that work !   

Unbelievable - they clearly know nothing about painting and how it is learned. Most really decent professional artists have developed their own way of working from studying and PAINTING, not going to art college and fannying about with dripping paint and freeing one's soul, abandoning draughtsmanship, design, perspective, tone, colour and brushwork. In the words of Inspector Grimm in 'The Thin Blue Line' (left) "there's far too much arty-farty, namby-pamby, hoity-toity, wishy-washy, lardy-dardy, sun-dried tomato eating, decaffeinated fannying about !"

Let's see what tomorrow's show coughs up........I may burst a blood vessel. 

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  1. Maybe you should consider going to the pub instead?


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