Monday, 26 September 2011

Chic Boutique

Just a diary note for anyone interested and near enough to warrant a trip out to get near enough to touch me....I shall be taking part in an Exclusive Charity Fundraiser called Chic Boutique.  I shall have one or two originals and some new Limited Edition Prints for sale alongside seven other traders: Jewellery & Accessories, Arbonne Beauty & Skincare, Phoenix Cards & Stationery, Jamie at Home, Banjocrafts, Lady Captain French Fashion and Waterloo Cottage Farm Foods.
The Pinfold, Ridlington road, Preston, 
Nr Oakham, Rutland LE15 9NN
Wednesday 12th October 
  10am to 7pm

Entry is £1, including tea or coffee and there will be a tombola with prizes to be won!

The event is in aid of Cancer Research UK and Air Ambulance, so if you fancy supporting two good causes AND meeting me and seeing some paintings LIVE, please come along.  You will be surprised just how approachable I am, despite the extraordinary global celebrity status I enjoy..........................



  1. Love to ... but will be enjoying the sunshine on Fuerteventura and even the opportunity to meet such a celeb can't tempt me back from that!!

    Hope its a great success.

  2. Sue, you're a big disappointment to me. I know where I stand...below a holiday in Fuerteventura...and I thought you seemed a nice person. Just shows how wrong you can be!
    Enjoy it anyway!
    Peter, the spurned Art megastar

  3. WOW! Such a celebrity and 28 followers on this blog! What an ego boost that is. I've got 32 on mine! :)
    Good luck with your show ... !

  4. Thanks Kirk, nah nah nah-nah nah! 28, 32, who's counting?! I email to millions!


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