Monday, 26 September 2011

Stonethwaite Approach

Pastel on Pastelmat, 19 x 27 inches

Here's my last Pastel for the time being which is going to be framed with the new ClearColour plus UV glass, which you need a mortgage for!  The glass alone for this one will cost around £90...gulp, but the clarity is unbelievable compared to standard picture glass.  I've long thought that my Pastels have taken on a less vibrant look when framed and found that standard glass has a slight grey cast which, of course, dulls the image underneath.  The new glass also has reflection control and it actually appears that there isn't any glass!  The price for this will obviously reflect (get it, ha ha) this glass...I thought about £750,000....oh no, what am I thinking - that's just for talentless daubs requiring zero design and skill...................

Pastels lack the crispness of Oils, but I love the softer feel, and this one was a joy to paint.  I loved the Eagle Crag towering above Stonethwaite hamlet, adorned in mauves, blues and beiges, silhoetted against the sunlit hills behind it, yet lighter in tone than the foreground mountain, which in turn provided a gorgeous backdrop for the right-hand tree in its winter garb. The road of course acts as a nice lead-in and invites the eye to roam through the composition, and the tree on the far left stops the eye flying out of the picture. Lots of light and dark in this picture, especially in the wall, sunlit on the left and deep shade on the right. 


  1. Beautiful painting, Mr. Barker. There are times, like now, when I look at your work and I can't honestly tell if it's a painting or a photograph. They just look so incredibly realistic. Either way, brilliant work.

    On a different subject, any idea as to when your instructional video will be ready to buy?

    All the very best,


  2. Thank you David - I'll take that as a compliment, but I would hope there is much more texture in a painting than there is in a photograph. Unfortunately, that can't be seen in a photo' of the painting, and as I've mentioned in a Blog-post, the camera can't pick up the subtleties of tone and colour either.

    I'm hoping against hope that my DVD will ready for Christmas. I'm just snowed under with demands for work, which is great, but it leaves me with no time to set aside to do the DVD. Rest assured, I shall be shouting about it on the Blog and my website as and when it's launched! Thanks for your interest!

    Best wishes,


  3. Mr. Barker, please do take it as a huge compliment. I meant absolutely no offence to you or your work at all. I'm in total admiration for what you do and I think you produce some of the most beautiful and realistic paintings I've ever seen. They really are beautiful and great pieces of art. Oh heck, I'm really sorry if I offended in anyway, that was not my intention.


  4. Thanks again David, and please call me Peter - no offence taken I assure you!
    I'm always aware that many people don't like paintings to appear TOO photographic, myself included. I strive to give them a more painterly quality, but the inadequacies of the camera usually fails to convey that on such a small scale.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment - very much appreciated!
    Best wishes, Peter


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