Monday, 19 September 2011

GreatArt Canvases

I've just bought some more canvases from GreatArt in their sale - this time the white, universal-primed Classico range, which are very good quality Belgian linen - infinitely better than the cheaper cotton canvases available in art shops.  If you fancy having a go with canvas, or upgrading from cotton, now is the time to treat yourself as they are offering many at half price for packs of four or six.  I bought a pack of six 50x70cm (about 20x28 inches if you're over 50) which works out at under £6 a canvas, an absolute bargain for that size!  
I usually make my own up from a 10 metre roll of Belgian linen with stretcher pieces, but these made-up ones are cheaper than the stretcher pieces themselves and avoid a lot of time assembling!  They're available in many different sizes, so if you fancy having a go (you can use acrylics or water based oils if you must, as they are acrylic primed), click on the banner above or to the right and click on the 50% off Gerstaecker Classico canvases on the home page of their website.
A word on stretching - no-one ever seems to mention this - when you tap in the wooden wedges (which are too short, a bug-bear of mine) in the corners to make the canvas as tight as a drum before you paint, make sure you put in a piece of cardboard behind the wedges when you tap with a hammer, otherwise, you will get scars and bumps on the canvas where you graze it with the hammer.  Honestly, the tips and wisdom I impart, at no cost........ 

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