Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Approach to Lyndon

Oil on Board, 7.5 x 10 inches  

Painted this morning en plein air by a nearby village.  It was freezing cold in a brisk wind, but managed to get the bulk of the painting down, wearing gloves, before the sun went in and the view changed totally. 

It's not the greatest composition ever, with the house almost dead centre and road going out of the picture plane, but I loved the sunlit distant trees and the orange glow of the red brick house.  I also liked the big foreground shadow which was like a giant human hand creeping over the road and hedge - that helps keep the eye in the picture as well as the gable end of the house on the far right - that's my excuse anyway!


  1. Dear Peter, As you rightly say sitting here feeling stuffed your e-mail bought a smile to my face. It doesn,t seem like winter at all does it and your picture looks as if it was painted in spring. Could feel the warmth of the morning sun. Well done! Ve

  2. Fantastic painting. Love the shadow in the foreground to lead you into the painting and to stop you falling out. I love this painting as it displays the aspect of winter.

    Regards Linda

  3. Thanks Linda - I only just got away with this one I think! I didn't intend the road to go so far out of the picture, but I wanted to get the sunlit trunk in on the far left and the willow next to it, so I should have chosen a wider, panoramic board, but that's all I had with me. As you intimated, I don't think it would have worked without the big shadow directing the eye.
    Love your new guitar painting by the way!

  4. Thanks Ve - I must be a genius - I can assure you it was freezing standing still painting it! The things one does in the name of art daarhling!

  5. Lovely! No need to rub it in that you are thinner ha ha F & M xx


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