Thursday, 29 December 2011

Golden Light by Duddington Bridge

Oil on Board, 8 x 6 inches

This was a view looking from the steep bankside of the bridge at Duddington, a village near me.  Looking straight into the light, the sheep were silhouetted against the late afternoon sky, giving each one a lit halo, and the golden light picked out bits of vegetation and foliage.  And, of course, the intense reflection of the sun itself bouncing off the water was a joy to paint.  
This was really an exercise in tones to make the picture convincing - the water was bright, but a tone down from the pure white diamonds of light. You have to squint and paint what's there.  It's all about tone, tone,, not Blair - that was education, education, education!


  1. Lovely painting; I was stunned to see its size; reads much larger. I love the line of halation along the top of the sheep.

  2. Thank you Jody - I wished I'd done it bigger too - the halos around the sheep was darned fiddly!


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