Monday, 20 February 2012

After the Snowfall

Oil on Board, 6x8 inches

For us here in England, or at least in middle England, a heavy snowfall with the snow hanging heavily on every branch is usually very transient and so it was this time, lasting only a day or so.

Snow is very interesting to paint - a classic case of painting what you see, in terms of colour and most especially, tone.  This was later in the day, and the tones were muted, and in fact no pure white was used in the painting, as you can see if you compare the snow colour with the white border.  Why paint it when it's dull you may ask, or perhaps let's have a cup of tea if you're bored stiff reading this drivel.  Assuming you are still reading and you're mildly interested in why I bothered, I was actually taken with that lovely bit of yellowy cloud contrasting with the mauvey snow.

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