Friday, 3 February 2012

April Woollies

 Oil on board, 6 x 8 inches
Yes, I know this is a spring painting and we're in the middle of an icy grip, but necessity cries out.  I have to do some paintings for the Affordable Art Fair next month in Battersea Park, and my Gallery doesn't want all winter pictures, so I've gone green, rather than the gangrene of yesterday.

It's lambing time with little jumpers springing about (it won't be long now).  I'm never that fond of the bright, fresh greens of Spring, so tend not to paint many such paintings, but with my low viewpoint, I got a nice view of the distant bank of trees and the middle distant Willows, punctuated by the ewes and their nippers.  It would have been a fairly boring painting without the river slicing diagonally across the lower half of the picture plain, but with its calm reflections and the Willow poking its branched fingers down from the upper left to stop the eye flying out of the picture, it's turned out okay, I think......


  1. Turned out okay? This is stunning! wow...

    1. Thanks Robie, you're very kind! I'm posting a new one shortly, a little plein air one done today.


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