Monday, 20 February 2012

Balsam Shallows

 Oil on board, 6x8 inches

I did this little painting again for the AAF at Battersea Park next month.  Painting deep, still water reflections is the most simple thing for the artist (keep that to yourself, though), but this was a more tricky passage, because the water is very shallow here, only a foot or so, with weed growing close to the surface and visible through the water.  This introduces two more challenges to overcome - seeing what is under the water as well as the reflections of the trees and banks above, together with the resultant breaking up of the surface as the water ripples over the stones and weed on the bottom.
This a very colourful, Summery picture, with all the showy pink Himalayan Balsam in full bloom, with a buzzful (new word) of bees.

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